What is Lateral Epicondylalgia (Tennis Elbow)?


Tennis elbow is a common condition that approximately 40% of the general population experience at some point in their life. This condition presents gradually as pain arising from the top of the forearm and/or the outside of the elbow. This is where our main gripping muscles originate from and attach to the bone via tendons. Overuse of these forearm muscles with repetitive gripping activities is generally the cause of tennis elbow. It is proposed that overloading these muscles over time causes micro-tears in the tendon causing pain. Those who work in a manual occupation with high repetition hand tasks are at risk of developing tennis elbow, as well as those who play tennis (hence the name) and other racquet sports. Addressing tennis elbow as soon as possible favours a better prognosis.


How can physio help?


  • Initially they will encourage rest in order to decrease the symptoms
  • They can also use manual therapy to help alleviate symptoms
  • prescribe exercises to strengthen involved muscles and grip so that you can return to day-to-day activities, work or sport
  • prescribe a brace or use taping techniques to assist with symptom management and return to activity

Return to activity, work or sport needs to be gradual to avoid re-aggravation of symptoms. A physiotherapist can help with a graded return to function and assist with advice to prevent the re-occurrence of symptoms in the future.

If you are experiencing similar symptoms to those mentioned above book in for a consultation at Physio For You, where one of our physiotherapists will be able to assess and help decrease your pain.