Tara McKenzie

Tara’s passion and purpose in life is to empower women through education, postural awareness and functional movement.

As a Physiotherapist since 2005 with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Women’s Health, Lymphoedema, Oncology Rehab and Clinical Pilates, Tara offers holistic personalised care to women at all stages of life. This includes prenatal birthing skills and postnatal care to the full range of women’s health issues, such as lymphoedema, pelvic and bowel health, cancer and neurological conditions. Tara’s dedication to post-graduate studies have also allowed her to treat vaginal and bowel cancers as well as support women with cancer through their journey and on the road to recovery. She is a certified PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehab Physio and one of very few Physiotherapists qualified to perform this type of work.

After experiencing a difficult pregnancy and traumatic birth with her first child, Tara knows firsthand how devastating it can be to a woman’s body and state of mind when given inappropriate treatment and care. She also understands how much the emotional fallout can affect a woman’s relationship with her partner and the ramifications it can have on the entire family unit.

Tara has also experienced unnecessary invasive pelvic surgery and is committed to helping other women prevent the need to endure what she did, if possible. Her studies and experience have since taught her that surgery can often be prevented through appropriate timely treatment and exercise. And when surgery is unavoidable, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles will facilitate a better outcome.

These personal experiences combined with the realisation that there is more to healing than just the hospital system, surgery and medication, inspired Tara to dedicate her professional life as a Physiotherapist to the care of women.